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1×16 – Heart Of Darkness

  • Nasty Snow is kinda funny. I also think she is part of the real Snow, the one she keeps hidden. Because there is something bad, something dark in her and she just tries to fool everyone with her, I’m so sweet and nice and all behavior. Or maybe she doesn’t try, she doesn’t even really know. It doesn’t change the fact though.
  • Regina is really rather clever. What she did, how she planned it all out, was not bad. Though it’s not entirely clear to me what she hopes to gain from MM being blamed for Katherine’s murder. Of course she once promised to destroy Snow and her life, but she has had plenty of time for that. Or is she just making idle use of the situation?
  • Well, at least when Charming came to Rumple’s castle he wasn’t immediately turned into a rose. But then didn’t Rumple yet need it, lol.
  • I can’t remember what Rumple needed the hair of Snow and Charming for, but I assume it has something to do with the Curse and also Emma. Oh, maybe it was because he included that failsafe in the Curse that the child of Snow and Charming can break it?
  • Evil isn’t born, it’s made. That’s what Rumple says. But where does it come from? And shouldn’t the baddies say the exact opposite? Or is it that Rumple wants to believe? After all, he wasn’t born evil, and though he has become some sort of the villain he still has something good in him as we know and see especially with Belle.
  • Much later we will have to situation that Hook tries to make Emma remember Storybrooke and everything that has happened by kissing her and it didn’t work. My theory was and is that it’s because TLK can only work when both parties are aware of the other and their love for them. Here I think we see that confirmed – when Charming kisses Snow, it has no effect – and how could it when Snow doesn’t even remember her true love. Therefore, there is a catch to TLK, as it can never be used when there is some kind of forget-spell in action. – I also kinda wonder what the consequences for MM would be if she was actually convicted. It’s not like they have some big jail in SB. Or a court that could try MM. But, she also can’t leave SB, and that Regina should know… or does she?

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