So obviously plans are there to not go through with them, lol. I wanted to check out my old reviews and comment on them, but alas… I was too lazy and just wrote down anew what I noticed. Maybe I’ll go back to my old reviews in a combined post.

  • Yep, the whole horn+horse=NYC worked a second time as well…
  • Okay, we know the guy is Baelfire. Question is, however: If Bae left FTL a long time ago
    1. How does he know of the Curse (if he does, just assuming it, because he gets the card and apparently knows what it means)
    2. How does he know of Storybrooke – how can it have any meaning to him?
    3. And why has he then never been there?
  • You know, despite (still) being a Rumbelle shipper, I am always amazed by how a young woman like Belle falls and stays in love with a man who is easily 30 years her senior. Robert Carlyle is great and I love him, but you see his age in his face. It’s actually fascinating. But then IS he supposed to be the Beast in that story, and Belle does fall in love with the beast in the original story, because she is the only one who is able to see past that. Only that here that facade isn’t the true “ugliness”, but instead the literal darkness inside him she accepts and loves him despite of, or maybe because.
  • He will always find…… a way to make good on his promise and plans of revenge. Rumple of course won’t just accept anything that hasn’t been played by his rules. So he promises Belle not to kill Regina – and he won’t. I wonder if Belle shouldn’t know by now that everything he says you have to pick apart word for word, because he’ll mean it just like this… and no other way.
  • I have never seen anyone so uncomfortable like Emma the moment Snow declares she wants to talk to her daughter…
  • Aurora is so terribly… girly.
  • When Snow says she thought their land was gone and Regina says it is – does she just pretend or does she really think so and consequently has no idea FTL still exists? When she got the poisened apple, she reached into the past… so it’s entirely possible she is unaware FTL is still there.
  • Making Mulan a lesbian is pretty lame. Of all women it has to be the one who has chosen to be a warrior, and therefore, in most people’s eyes and especially this old-fashioned society, a rather manly woman.
  • When Regina claims once again that FTL doesn’t exist anymore after Emma and Snow have vanished, it sounds and looks genuine. Or is it really so important to her that no one knows so no one will want to go back or force her to bring them back? But her endgame can’t be fulfilled anymore anyways, so wouldn’t it be better they were home, where she has her powers?
  • Yes, Belle needs to stay. She is the one who reminds Rumple that he is still human, has still something human inside him…

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