I know, it’s getting old, me saying ‘it’s been a while”…but there you have it.

Anyways, I finally decided to continue my rewatch and hopefully I will now manage to get through the show, up until the very end.

2×03 – Lady Of The Lake

  • Yeah, I’m still kinda confused by Lancelot. As part of Snow White’s story. That’s so… not making much sense.
  • I had forgotten how Cora had at least tried to seem nice in the beginning. Alas, Snow won’t be fooled. Well, at least something.
  • Seeing Charming once again with Henry – while mum and grams are away – lets me think that he really is the cliche of a man who has never been a father, who is still a rather young man (at least of mind), with not that much of an idea how to properly deal with kids…
  • I realized that Aurora is even more annoying than Snow, if that’s possible. But gosh is she whiny, even when she seems to change.
  • For someone with an an arrow in her heart Ruth sure clings to life long…
  • Even though I know that this is a different world, with different views, it kinda left a bad aftertaste that to Ruth – and I suppose in some way, ultimately to Snow and the others – it is all about getting married and having kids, a first born son at best. As if there are not other things in life (and for them, there probably aren’t…)
  • I’m not sure if I noticed the first time around that Regina didn’t confront Henry in her vault, but let Charming do it. Very interesting in regards to Regina’s development.
  • Still love Jefferson being reunited with his daughter.

2×04 – The Crocodile

  • The small things are important – like the fact that Rumple and Belle share a bed.
  • The Rumple/Milah story still makes me kinda angry. Milah is such a self-centered, egotistical b****. Rumple, at that time, is a decent man. So maybe he is a coward, so what?! I know, it’s a different time, different culture, but still, it’s so… argh.
  • In comparison, we have Belle and Rumple. Belle, who takes him as he is – sort of. Because she, too, critizises him and how he is, but for different reasons. She wants to help him change, become a better man, whereas Milah only wanted him to be a different man so she would have what she wanted for her own good.
  • “Pointy end goes into the other guy.” Oh yeah, that’s what he said…
  • Hook – Killian Jones then – definitely wasn’t a nice guy…
  • Who the hell did that drawing of Belle, it’s… awful…
  • An Irishman and a Scot fighting… there is a joke in there I believe…
  • Hook tells Rumple that Milah is dead — probably too protect her, so Rumple wouldn’t go after her. Later in the show we learn that Hook honestly loved Milah. There’s a sad brick… even though I still don’t like her.
  • Even in the face of everything Rumple has done, Belle doesn’t just stop loving Rumple. Her father though is an ignorant ass. I mean, Rumple is, too, but at least he is not ignorant…
  • Rumple asking Charming for dating advice is still funny… and weird… and awkward… but mostly funny XD
  • I know some may say Belle’s father only did what he actually thought was best for her, but… nah. He’s as bad as Milah.
  • And in a magical land, even when you chop someone’s hand off, there won’t be much blood.
  • If only I had known back then that this wasn’t by far the worst they could and would do to Rumbelle…
  • Aaaaaand the scene in the library still makes me tear up 🙁
  • People say that Snow and Charming is the big love story, and True Love and all. But I think the biggest love story of them all is between Rumple and Belle. Because their love never stops, no matter the obstacles, and I don’t mean obstacles from the outside, because they never have to doubt their love or the other’s intentions. Their love lives on, battered, broken, bleeding, and yet alive until the end.

2×05 – The Doctor

  • Uhh, first encounter of Hook and Emma, now there is a story ahead… it’s kinda funny when you know where this is going.
  • Charming is an idiot. No news there, but really, hitting someone for sleeping with his wife he didn’t even know was his wife back then, and neither knew any of the other parties??? That’s borderline insane. No, forget the borderline part.
  • Regina trying to get therapy is still amusing.
  • Seeing Rumple trying to teach Regina to kill… it makes me wonder. I mean, obviously there is a lot of darkness literally coming from the Dark One curse inside him. But shouldn’t one assume that such darkness can only happen if one is willing to let it? Actually I’m not sure if I ever doubted there was something dark in Rumple. I mean, we all have it in us, to some extent. Rumple seemed nice and kind… but there was also always something strangely nasty to him. Dangerous and creepy.
  • I suppose one of the things that impressed Hook from the first moment he saw Emma was probably her not being fooled by him, and being so… feisty.
  • I don’t think I noticed that before, but… Whale was called wizard by Regina at their first meeting, and he kinda looked like the wizard from Wicked, I think… foreshadowing much? (*uh, I noticed that the first time around my review says)
  • Funny how Hook readily tells them the whole plan. Makes you wonder where his loyalties truly lie. Well. We know where they will lie. And he with them. Oops.
  • I think the character of Daniel was a bit wasted. Would have been interesting to see more of him, or what he could have done for Regina had he lived longer. Maybe some kind of alternate universe.
  • So when Daniel died in FTL – or couldn’t be revived by the doctor – Regina became evil. When Regina had to kill Daniel in SB she visited a shrink. It’s progress, I guess.
  • A discussion of science against magic. Now here’s something that could have made a whole storyline…

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