As the title says – this will include HUGE SPOILERS, so handle (and read) with care!

Ausiello and Matt Mitovich teased that in 2×15, we’ll a minor character death (in SB; that Snow’s mother in FTL dies we already know), in 2×16, however, a “pretty sizable” one. The minor character in “The Queen Is Dead” will be this woman Snow met in the sneak peek, I guess; she must be some midwife or something.
The bigger death, however… well, that is hard to tell. We know that some characters are already planned to return in the episodes after “The Miller’s Daughter”, so the main cast should be safe. But who else could then possibly die?
Right now, my money is on Hook. His importance has increased in the past episodes, and will further in the upcoming 2×15, judged by the promo, so I now kind of fear for his life. I doubt that it will be Cora, thought that would be a very interesting twist. Plus, the episode is hers anyways, so why not kill her in this one, like they did with Graham in his (1×07)?
Because there is this other little thing: In the sneak peek as well as in the script teaser posted on Twitter, Cora says to Regina that she’ll use the Dark One’s dagger (they are looking and digging for) to control the Dark One and make him “kill anyone you like”. At first I thought she was talking about people Regina actually likes… until I realized that there’s this little grammatical difference between my understanding and what was really said. Nevertheless wants Cora let the Dark One kill anyone Regina wants him to, and… well, what if she frees herself of her mother?
And then did Wetpaint publish ten teasers for 2×16 I want to go into:

1. Based on what we saw here, Episode 15: “The Queen Is Dead” will reveal some very interesting backstory.

Which I guess should be Cora’s… or is it? I think the other person whose backstory is also told here – parts of it, anyways – is Rumple. And since this has to be an early Rumple, one around the time after Bae’s departure, and also since this will probably reveal what relationship he and Cora really shared… well, very interesting indeed.

2. “There’s no coming back from murder.”/”There’s no coming back from death, either.”

This would be part of what I said above, with Regina killing Cora. Even if it isn’t with the Dark One (because I think we’ve established that the Charmings get it before the two women do), Regina may find another way, and since in the past episodes, and though Regina worked with her, I always had this feeling that she isn’t entirely agreeing with her mother’s ways and plans… I can imagine though that the first sentence is spoken by one of the Good ones, like Snow, or Emma maybe, who then could try to remind Regina that she shouldn’t do anything bad because of Henry.

3. Love – familial, romantic, and otherwise – has always been at the heart of OUAT, and nowhere is that as true as this episode.

I think since Emma, Rumple and Henry will probably return to SB in that episode, there’ll be some moments of love – like between Rumple and Belle, Rumple and Bae, Emma and Bae (maybe?!), even Henry and Regina… but, and that we shouldn’t forget, also Rumple and Cora in FTL past.

4. The flashbacks in this episode provide one of our favorite revisions of a classic fairy tale yet, perfectly melding the story we know from legend with the characters and history we know from OUAT.

Guess the favorite revision will be the one of Rumplestiltskin, because let’s face it: It is the most awesome revision of a classic fairytale we’ve ever seen, with Rumple being such an incredibly important, genius and interesting character.

5. “Magic is about emotion” is a lesson multiple people learn this episode.

And one of them I can see being Emma. Cora the other one, in former FTL time, but in our world and time I can imagine another encounter with magic for Emma. Would be about time also.

6. An unexpected declaration of love is sure to upset some fans.

See no. 3 – This will most probably about Cora and Rumple. Yes, I still think that those two were lovers once, and that at least one of them love the other one truly. But the other one probably didn’t, which ultimately led to the fall-out and some ugly scenes.

7. Rumbelle shippers have something to look forward to, but they might shed a few tears.

Rumbelle will most probably be reunited. So far, so good. Now, spoilers indicate that 2×19 will be a big Rumbelle episode. Which is, however, not to say that only then Belle will get her memories back. In 2×15 Hook will attack Rumple and obviously hurt him seriously. What if Rumple returns to SB, close to death, and finally Belle remembers? Sort of a new interpretation of the Beast’s death in the Disney movie, only that Rumple/the Dark One won’t die (Or will he? Who knows?!), but Belle will remember and Rumple will be able to either heal himself with her help and encouragement. Or maybe Emma will heal him? In any way could this be a fantastic moment for Rumbelle shipper, even if (at first) a sad and tear-worthy one. But afterwards, it will be happy tears 🙂

8. A normally noble character shows an unexpected manipulative streak.
—In addition to that, TV Guide’s Mega Buzz wrote—
Let’s see if I can turn this into a fairy tale: Once upon a time, a noble and moral character made a drastic decision that would forever mar his or her future, something so dastardly and irreversible that you would think that this character was actually evil rather than pure of heart. Any guess as to who will make the biggest mistake of his or her life?

This has me thinking that we’ll learn to see Snow in a completely different light. Obviously, she’ll make a deal with the Blue Fairy that’s gonna leave us shocked. We know that her mother is ill; maybe she’ll help her find a peaceful death without too much suffering? Maybe she first wants the BF’s help, but as she isn’t able to do anything, they agree on something that will kill Eva?
Just an idea, because I think that would best apply to the spoiler. If it was for me, I wouldn’t go for Snow here, as I don’t see her as “pure of heart”; I don’t think anyone on ONCE is. Which is fine, because this is… well… no fairytale. It’s the real life, the real world, with facets and layers to everyone, even the fair and kind Snow White.

9. Always think your deals through – especially when you make a change.

Deal certainly involves Rumple… and my guess is that the other person will either be Cora – or Emma.

10. We thought “Manhattan” was Robert Carlyle’s best performance to date, but we might have to update that to “The Miller’s Daughter.” Lana Parrilla (Regina) also does a fantastic job. Heck, most of the main cast gets to show off some serious acting chops this week.

Okay, nothing to be said about that. Robert Carlyle is one hell of an actor (or shouldn’t it be one heaven here?!), we know that, and with all the important Rumple stuff going on right now and still about to happen, I guess he’ll once and again blow us away in the next episodes. Not much of a difference for Lana, she’s a wonderful actress as well. As is the rest of the cast awesome. But this is nothing new. ONCE UPON A TIME is, after all, one of the best TV shows of all time.

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