These are two eps I just have to say something about.

First of all a few words on the mid-season finale, if it was one (in any case was it the 300th episode). I know many people probably hated on that one because of the more or less good relationship between the boys and dad. John has often been called abusive and maybe, to some extent, it’s right. Surely he could have done a lot of things better.
But let’s face facts. John was by no means in any kind of normal situation. His wife had burned on a ceiling because of a deal with a demon. She was part of a hunter family, whereas he had never before known anything about all that, not even known that it existed. Suddenly he s alone with two small boys, one of them still an infant, and has to fear the demon coming back to harm or kill them as well. John’s situation was at any time extraordinary. Sure, he could have handled it better – but that’s easy to say when you look at it from a distance, when you can think about it all and don’t have to make decision, like, now, that can be the difference between life and death.
As we remember and saw earlier in the show, John before all that was a nice young man. He didn’t know what his dad had done, that he had been a Man of Letters, he had never before come in touch with any of it. Yes, he became quite obsessive, but wouldn’t you with all that he was facing? He had to witness and learn? We can’t apply our standard we know today, for so many reasons.
So, having said that, I really enjoyed the 300th episode, really loved it. Especially the reunion moment of John and Mary brought tears to my eyes because it was so beautiful. And perfectly played, because to my mind it was absolutely believable that those two are still in love with each other.
Therefore to me, this was a very, very good episode. 

Now, on to last night one’s.
Seeing Dean, Sam, Cas, Jack and Rowena working together was so immensely enjoyable. Imo they make a great team and I just love their interactions. I would say I hope we get more of that in the future, but… 

The ending. Something tells me there will be repercussions… and terrible ones at that. Yes, Jack has his powers back, and this is perfect. But I can’t believe that this won’t come at a terrible price. And because I don’t think they’ll warm up the whole “the power will kill you” thing all over again – we had that just yet with his soul – I rather think he’ll sorta become evil. I mean, he burned up his soul, at least that is what we can assume if you consider the power that must have been necessary to kill Michael. So without soul, but with his Nephilim powers, Jack might just become pure evil, much like his father. Consequently, this might result in the TFW having to fight against, even kill Jack. And that’s just what I meant, what I was always afraid of – that they are going to kill Jack off. Because I really like that boy and they are a great team as a quartet. But good things can’t happen on Supernatural, I guess.

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