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I’m rewatching “First Born” and it led me to have a disturbing thought. Cain’s story we all know – making a deal with Luce, killing Able, giving his soul so his brother can get into Heaven, whereas Cain himself ended up in Hell. He became a Knight, made other knights, and together they brought death and destruction upon the Earth.

So far, so good (or not). But, there is also the story of Cain and Colette. Colette was the one Cain fell in love with, and she loved him unconditionally despite knowing who and what he was. Maybe it’s because I’m a Destiel shipper, but if you apply all that to Dean – who is, after all, Cain’s descendant – there are not many people in Dean’s life you can say that about. In fact, if there is one person who has always believed in Dean, always stood by his side, it’s Cas. We don’t have it as a stated fact, but we have enough indicating that Cas does love Dean unconditionally. At the same time, he is still criticizing Dean, trying to make him remember to be good, be better, similar to what Colette asked of Cain when she wanted him to give up killing.
Where I’m going with this is the following: Misha will be in Season 10, and he will be a series regular. That’s confirmed. So we don’t need to be worried about Cas being killed, like Colette was. There is, however, another possibility, and to me that’s a lot scarier than someone being killed. What if Dean indeed “kills” Cas (maybe even accidentally), only that he is brought back, restored to his former self, as an angel… but before he knew Dean? What if the Blade’s power is so great that someone can’t simply be resurrected, maybe not even by God, but has to be, for example, taken from another time frame? Or he can only be restored with the help of an existing template from when he was originally created?
Thing is, they’ve gotten so far when it comes to Destiel by now, and if they don’t want to go any further, the Big Reset Button would be the perfect way (perfect for them, not us). Cas would be there, is maybe even assigned to Dean and Sam, but now that he doesn’t know them anymore…
On the other hand could that be really interesting, because maybe the connection between Dean and Cas is so strong that no matter what, they will always be drawn to each other, and Cas will once again choose the Winchesters over everything else, and this would be the final proof that the ship is sailing and will always sail, regardless of what any opposers of the Dean/Cas story say.
In addition, there is still the thing about Cas’ original Grace; maybe next season will be a quest to find that (given that Metatron is killed in the finale and the Grace is needed to open Heaven again), and by giving it back to Cas (who we know probably won’t survive much longer with the one he has now, so killing and restoring him as mentioned above would give them time) he’ll be able to remember (assuming that a Grace works a bit like a soul and includes information and memories, or at least a backup of them).

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