There was this discussion on Tumblr about the season could possibly end, and this is a repost of my reply. It reacts to the following previous post:

I definitely agree that everything seems to be building up to something Bad happening, but I feel like they’ve kind of played the “death” card too many times for it to have any real impact anymore. If any of these three die, we know they’re going to come back. I think it’s going to be something much worse.

I agree with the above comment. They’ve already said that something’s gonna happen they haven’t done yet. So it would be either be someone dying for good or something entirely different.
Now, I don’t see them kill either of the three of them because a) this is a show about two brothers, so they won’t kill off either one (unless they find a way to kill him and still keep him on the show in another form, but nothing the like has been proposed before as being possible – as ghost they’d end up angry and vengeful at some point, and we don’t know if they can be turned into an Angel; that leaves being a Demon, which could be interesting…) and b) it has been strongly hinted that they they’re aware how important Cas/Misha is and that he’s going to return for S10.
The idea that Cas sacrifices himself is interesting. As said above, I don’t think he’ll die – but what if saving Sam (or Dean or both, who knows) demands a sacrifice nevertheless, in the way that he depletes his Grace to a point where he turns truly human? Without the chance to ever become an Angel again? I’m a bit behind on watching at the moment, so maybe I’ve missed something, but Cas doesn’t have his original Grace back, does he? And with this show, everything’s possible, so maybe there’s a difference between getting one’s Grace cut out, and depleting it to the very last shiny drop. As long as there’s nothing concrete established, they can come up with whatever suits their storyline.
Let’s say restoring his own Grace is maybe the key (or one of them) to bring the Angels back to Heaven, then Cas turning entirely human so that he could never take back his Grace even if it became available to him would mean that they’d have to find another way.
Also, if they continue to play with the whole Dean/Cas conflict (in terms of their relationship), they could also make Cas forget everything, but this time without the chance to restore his memory. It would give the ship a lot of angst when suddenly Cas doesn’t know Dean anymore. I know it sounds very fanfic-y, but Dean helping Cas could just as well lead to a clean slated Cas falling in love with Dean, and having the same happen in return due to a greater amount of time spent together.
At this point, I also wonder if and where we could bring in characters we know still have to be out there – like Gabriel, for example. What if the twist is in there somehow? What if Chuck returns, revealing himself to really be God? Jensen has said that his reaction to the script was “wow, they really are going there”, and there are only a few things I can imagine him reacting like this to – someone dying for real (Sam/Cas/Dean), something happening between Cas and Dean – or, maybe, the show indeed bringing in God after so many seasons. Maybe at this point God is the only one capable of stopping Metatron, no matter what the others come up with (and somehow I doubt the First Blade could kill Metatron).
But whatever happens, lets please assume that Sam, Dean and Cas are all going to survive, no matter what (and how…), just for the sake of my sanity ^^

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