This new spoiler agrees with what I wrote before about Rumbelle. And it brings me back to my contemplations about those two and what her return could mean.

Belle doesn’t look too happy with Rumple in the Once Upon a Time clips. -Joan
NATALIE: She isn’t! Belle’s mere presence will be an unforeseen complication for Rumplestiltskin. “Gold is a meticulous man, as is Rumplestiltskin, and he had a plan that he has been enacting,” executive producer Adam Horowitz says. “The wild card was Belle because he never, ever thought she was going to be coming back, and he is a man who has, in the past, always chosen power over love. I think he’s on a mission, and here he has a second chance with the woman he always regretted letting go.”
(TVLine, Sept 26th, 2012)

It is like I’ve already said earlier – Belle may just become the most important part in this game of power between Regina and Rumple. Because she can take his power away. He loves her, that’s a fact, no matter what other aspects are brought in as well. And I don’t think he’ll stop loving her, because there is this part of him, this still-human part, that has fallen in love, and his human part is a deeply emotional, soulful and faithfully loving being.
The sneak peek that revealed the two of them talking while still standing at the well in the woods, with him asking her about her imprisonment; what happened to her after she left him. It is obvious that what he is hearing only fuels his anger against Regina, and makes his desire to get his revenge stronger.
What is also obvious, however, is that Belle is everything but happy about his lust for vengeance. She doesn’t want it; she just wants to leave it all behind her; maybe to have a peaceful, happy life with Rumple. And it wouldn’t be surprising if it was exactly what she would wish for.
But there are two things that will definitely get in the way.
The first thing: Rumple needs his power and magic to find Bae. It is questionable if he couldn’t do it without; I’d say no. I think he really does need his abilities, and if only because he’s forgotten how to do without. But without his magic, Rumple – or here Mr. Gold – is weak. He’s a man who needs a cane to walk, and as frightening and powerful he may ever seem to be in the eyes of Storybrooke’s inhabitants – probably even after the Curse is broken – right now, he’s just a man. Without magic, without his Dark One self, he can only rely on the fear-induced respect people have. Of course, as long as no one else has magic – especially not Regina – this could be enough. And additionally, it looks like he in fact has more magic than Regina can ever hope to possess, in either world. But the moment someone recognizes that he is by far not the fearsome Rumple…
And this goes over to the second point: He needs his power and magic to be the counterpart to Regina. The moment Regina regains her power, she will subjugate everyone in Storybrooke and/or the Fairy Tale Lands. Now, his motives to keep his power may not be very honorable – he simply is power hungry (Bae and all aside) – but the outcome, sooner or later, might turn out to be just that – honorable. Or at least helpful – helpful for the right cause; helpful to the Good ones.
Of course he can’t give up his magic. Regina/the EQ would squash him right away, as much as he has fought against her in the past decades (or longer?). Or she would enslave and torture him; whatever she likes best in whatever mood she is. The same she would probably do to Belle, just because it would hurt him twice as much.
The decision Rumple has to make it not really one. Whatever he decides, in some way he’ll always lose, it seems, and it will be either his power or his love. He said that power is more important to him than is love (or Belle, for that matter), but it is almost painfully obvious that he’s probably lying to himself with that because he loves Belle very much, and still – even after more than 28 years, and even after thinking for just as long that she’s dead. He could have moved on, at least regarding Belle, but he didn’t. Also, as I understood it, True Love’s Kiss only has an effect when love is mutual (this was also the case in Beauty and the Beast, and since the Rumple/Belle story is BatB, this may just apply), and we saw that her kiss had indeed an instant effect, what is a more clear statement than any spoken confession (I wanna hear them say it again though ;)).
Right now I hope that Belle will be patient with him; she has been living with him before, she knows how and what he is. If she can stand him and his antics, she might be able to do it now again; and to come up with the energy to wait for him and help him to change.
This is a wonderful story with many variables, and I can’t wait to see how it will play out. One more day. Then season two finally starts.

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