In which Jane orders around a whole institution just so he can be with the woman he needs so much in his life. This would be how you can describe this episode. Not that I’m complaining.
Oh the power of love. When Jane wants something, he gets it; and when he loves this something – or better, someone – you can sure as hell assume that won’t be long without it.
So Jane rather stays in prison and refuses to help the FBI before he does anything without Lisbon. This is more than telling, although at this point it’s probably useless to even mention it, because the past episodes – and especially the last one – have made it very, very clear what Lisbon means to Jane. Clearer than ever. There definitely is a trend recognizable.
It is interesting though, when one thinks about it. At first sight this is all very adorable, but as it was hinted at before, it is also, on Jane’s side, pretty selfish. He wants Lisbon, and he makes the FBI practically beg her to work with them so that they can use Jane (and it is hilarious, when you think about it, that the FBI needs someone like Jane to solve their cases…), even though Lisbon doesn’t want to. But Jane wants it, and he gets it, no matter what Lisbon says about it. He’s basically forcing his will onto her, which can definitely be seen as a little problematic, and I wonder if that will cause any conflicts later on.
So yeah, of course she ultimately agrees – and well, seeing them together again is just wonderful. There is so much to be seen now, so much that has changed and is yet still the same. The first scene of them together in his cell is so great, because it shows how comfortable they are around each other, how easygoing their relationship at this point now is. They have missed each other, no doubt, and they are more than happy to see each other again. In my opinion there is a huge difference to them and their relationship before Red John was out of the picture; it seems that, despite everything else that is now making their lives a bit harder, there has still a big weight been lifted off their shoulders.
I could write tales about all the little moments we see here, like when Lisbon realizes Jane is lying (because she knows him so well that she will always recognize it), but keeps quite for his sake, or when Fisher orders Jane around and he just looks at Lisbon, who is grinning, and it is so obviously their secret, silent way of communication, something we’ve seen them do before, but back then is was mostly in crucial/dangerous situations, when they needed to understand each other without words, and now they can still use that, but for simple things, just for them.
Very interesting was Lisbon’s reaction when Fisher wonders/asks how Lisbon handled Jane for so long – and suspecting that they had been involved, which of course would have made keeping Jane in check a lot easier. It is not an illogical assumption; quite the contrary. For their relationship, their connection as partners and colleagues, they do have a very unique sort of codependence that of course makes outsiders question the depth of what they have. This isn’t even solely about Jane and Lisbon; it would probably happen with every other (work) couple as well, especially when characters like Jane are involved. Nevertheless, and I’m back to this German saying that a dog that has been hit will bark, meaning that the moment one hits the point the other will react – Lisbon doesn’t just say no or laughs it off (especially because we know nothing has never happened between them), instead she replies with a question, saying, “Why would you ask me that?”
Of course, the question from Fisher is a bit on the private side, though not unwarranted. This is a factor the FBI should maybe know about, if it was true. Still, Lisbon’s reaction gives a vibe of, oh my God, have I/we been caught, in a sense that there are feelings and Lisbon is very well aware of it, even if they’ve never acted on them, have not even really acknowledged them (I think they try very hard not to acknowledge them).
As the episode progresses, we do indeed come back to the aforementioned problem of Jane practically making Lisbon work with the FBI even though she didn’t want to; he never asked what she wanted
Incorporated here is the abandonment issue we see Lisbon having – and yes, it very much is that – because when Jane runs off during their investigation without warning Lisbon or letting her in on his plans (which he could have done and she would never have told, although we’ve established that she is a bad liar and if she truly believes he run off and acts accordingly, everyone else will believe it, since everyone knows how close those two are), she is extremely distraught. She even tells him that she is angry and was afraid because she didn’t know whether he would return – after all, he’d left before and stayed away for two years. It is at the same time evidence that she needs him as much as he does her, and that she furthermore needs him to be reliable; she needs to be able to believe that he will not leave her. It doesn’t matter what else he does, but she needs to know that he’ll be with her, and maybe forever. I’d even go as far as call it foreshadowing, because I strongly believe this season will end with Jisbon, in one way or another.

J: I didn’t think about you.
L: Well, you rarely do.
J: That’s not true.

There is so much in there, so much information and so much emotion. Lisbon is disappointed and still suffering from that fear she felt when he left, still suffering from the thought that he could leave her again, something she obviously has a hard time dealing with. She knows better I think, she knows that she is important to him and he thinks about her (selfish or not, he based his whole cooperation with the FBI on her being there), but of course it isn’t enough as long as he doesn’t think about her in a way that comes to her aid as well. Also, I do believe he thinks a lot about her, but he just doesn’t know how to do it anymore, how to act correctly, because of everything that has happened in the past 10-odd years. She is there and he wants her there, constantly, but deep inside he still fears keeping her close I think, and he still acts reckless in many ways because that’s what has been anchored in his being as what he needs to do, what seems to be the right thing to do, to everyone’s benefit. Old habits die hard, they say.
Despite expecting more conflict – though this little exchange above has more weight than every five episodes of sulking and arguing – we have peace and a very beautiful scene in the end. Lisbon visits Jane at the detention center to tell him that she is now working with the FBI, and that he’ll be part of their team as well. It is what he wanted, and she seems to have made peace with it, with her new job (I mean, hey, it is the FBI, after all, and I still think part of her was only refusing because of Jane and him wanting it and her abandonment issues/anger over him vanishing for two years).
The whole scene is simply gloriously on a shipper side, with Lisbon bringing Jane socks (call back/brick joke to the last episode, where he wasn’t wearing socks and Cho even asked about it) and both of them appearing to be so incredibly happy and content. If I didn’t know better I’d see this scene as one of two people deeply in love, knowing it and being absolutely comfortable with it, because that’s what we see, they are close and so familiar and comfortable with each other. They may not have admitted their feelings yet, but there is no doubt that this is coming, and soon.

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