Hello mythology, my old friend…

Wow. So. Um. I don’t know where to start. But I think it has to be with the shocker of the episode – Ardiles being dead by the end of it.
Okay, so Rigsby and Van Pelt are back. We know they have their own digital security company now, and after Ardiles has consulted Lisbon because he thinks something’s up and that he is spied on, Lisbon sends him to RigsPelt to ask them for help. They do help, or at least want to – but before they really can, Rigsby finds Ardiles dead. And Grace finds intel that there is indeed something up, something big, concerning them and all their old CBI colleagues.
What the hell?!
So apparently they all have been bugged, and not just Ardiles, who noticed it. But what does it mean? We were left to believe that the Blake Association has been stopped. Now, it’s probably naive to assume such a big group can easily be dissolved. But who’d have interest in spying on old CBI people? To what end and purpose? And what does it mean security-wise?
It’s hard to tell now already, but it’s gonna be interesting where they are going with this. Of course Bruno wouldn’t just have RJ killed off and be done with it; there had to come more. After all, what they uncovered was a huge thing, and it shouldn’t be forgotten about just like that. Still, they raided the association and I believe they’ve caught most of them, so something tells me there is more behind it…
On a lighter note, this episode did have a few great moments between Jane and Lisbon – mostly their easygoing banter that is back (or still there and going strong?). In the beginning, when Lisbon learns that Jane can read lips, there is this hilarious exchange that makes them sound like an old couple, and the best part is probably Cho’s reaction to it – silent, but saying more than a thousand words. Oh yes, Cho knows, and he definitely ships it; I guess he always has.
Then there is the moment when he is in Fisher’s car and scares the ladies, which was perfect. Especially because Lisbon was immediately amused- She just *knows* how he is and it doesn’t surprise or anger her anymore. I rather think she enjoys it even. She teases, and there is banter, and now they seem to constantly do it around others, in very close vicinity of other’s listening – first Cho, now Fisher – completely forgetting they are not alone. It is an interesting development and speak of how much they are in their own little world by now.
Then there is of course Jane’s very much not happy reaction to Lisbon telling him that she has a date with Ardiles. It gave a vibe of Jane not only being irritated and jealous, but also that he is generally possessive when it comes to her; he doesn’t want her to see others, especially not on something she claims is a date. Sure she only says that to tease him, and she corrects it later on, which is a suspicious backpedaling on Lisbon’s side where she doesn’t need it because she doesn’t owe anyone an explanation about who she meets in her freetime. Nevertheless is it her life, and she and Jane are – officially – only friends and colleagues. Nevertheless do both seem to feel the need to explain themselves to the other when it comes to their association with others.
In retrospect I’m almost tempted to suspect something else going on; that Jane’s reaction comes from him worrying Lisbon could learn something from Ardiles she’s not supposed to, because Jane might just know about the bugs and all that. But no, he isn’t a criminal mastermind, and it would be a very lame idea to do that. Especially after they spent years trying to tell people that Jane wouldn’t turn out to be Red John.
So yeah, back to Jane and Lisbon we once again have them talk and banter during the stake out (the hat! *g*), and when they talk about Ardiles and Lisbon’s meeting with him, it is followed by a sad and thoughtful expression on Jane’s face after Lisbon leaves to get coffee. And this moment isn’t connected to their work or anything; it is clearly Jane reflecting on the conversation he just had, and it makes one wonder what he is thinking about. Does he fear he might lose Lisbon one day? Makes this “date” she had with Ardiles Jane realize that one of these days there will be another man, and it will not just be a work meeting, but actually someone who has romantic interest? Does he worry that he won’t bring up the courage to stop this, him losing Lisbon at some point, before it is too late? It seems to be foreshadowing also, what with the spoilers that there will be a new man in Lisbon’s life soon enough, and that it is also serious with him, apparently.
In the end it might just come down to all this being about Jane and Lisbon, and really, we’ve come a long way.
Another thing I really liked was the Cho and Jane interaction – now that there’s (of the old team) only the three of them, I hope that we’ll get to see more of those two as well, because they are just as hilarious since they are so much the complete opposites of each other. Plus, Cho’s bone-dry humor as reaction to Jane will never get old.
So all in all an episodes that gives us a return to mythology and some bigger storyline that will stay with us, and it’s going to interesting to see where it leads, especially since we know that sooner or later RigsPelt will leave the show…

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