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This is the first part; I might do a longer review later on.
I’ve read a few opinions of people who say that 6×16 convinced them that Jisbon is endgame. And after seeing what happened in the episode, I totally agree – for two simple reasons:

1) The whole Lisbon/Pike thing was like someone snapped their fingers and there is it. It’s not real. It’s too fast. It’s not Lisbon either. To me this very much gives a vibe of, Lisbon thinks she won’t get anyone else and goes for the first guy she even likes. It’s bad storytelling, and since I highly doubt that after five and a half seasons of very good storytelling (to me Ment has always been a high quality show – not necessarily when it came to the case of the week, but certainly when it was about their character storyarcs) they’ve suddenly forgotten how to do it, this is clearly meant to be thought of as bad and wrong. As something that will be over soon.
2) The ending. Jane and Lisbon, Jane’s reaction to Lisbon and Pike going out, their expressions, their body language. As if the script said, or the director, or simply their own sense for the characters after playing them for so long, act as if you long for each other like you are each other’s only source of water in the desert. Both their smiles are forced and insecure, and they look away from each other, they look down. They know it’s wrong, it’s not what either of them wants, but they are not yet ready to admit it. Incidentally, Pike is placed between them throughout the whole scene.
Those two things, plus all the other stuff – don’t let me get started on the blanket scene and how Lisbon looked at sleeping Jane – she could have covered him and left, but she didn’t; she lingered and looked and then she smiled. She was utterly comfortable in his presence, in this rather private scene (she was only wearing the pajama top/button-down, after all).
So yes, Jisbon is going to be endgame, and something will happen at the end of this season – even if they are picked up for season 7.
When I first heard that they are to kill RJ and then continue the show after that, I had my doubts that it could work. Itv was basically the show’s and Jane’s whole purpose. But they did, and it works fantastically in my opinion. So could they pull off Jane and Lisbon getting together and then continue with another season? Yes, absolutely. And I’d love to see how they proceed; I’d love to see Jane get his life back, in every sense. I think that includes having someone to love again, someone who loves him. Maybe even a family.
For now, though, my money’s on a Jisbon finale. Because “Violets” showed us that this is exactly what they’re planning to give us.

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