Woah. Bruno Heller, stop being so secretive. You could really give us a hint or two regarding your endgame…!
Seriously, with every new episode, and even with Marcus Pike in the picture, it becomes clearer where we are heading. Take two people who outright suffer – even though one of them should be very happy right now, what with having a new “love” and all – and you know exactly how this will end.
For one, Jane’s jealousy, or at least unhappiness about Lisbon’s association with Pike, is painfully obvious. When they talk on the phone and he sighs after she’s hung up there’s no need to say anything – as viewer, there’s no doubt what he’s thinking and feeling. The only reason why he should have said something is so Lisbon realizes it, too. Would save them and us some serious heartache.
The ending, though, is what sells it for me (once again). The sincerity in Jane’s words and in his face when he told her she’s beautiful… and hello, she expected teasing/mockery, because that’s what she is used to after years and years of friendly banter, but he was serious this time! Also, notice how she doesn’t thank him after he tells her he hopes she’ll have a great time (you know, that automated “thanks” you usually express when someone says something like this) – she has to realize at this point that something’s very wrong. She can’t say thanks and “I will” or something like that because she knows, consciously or subconsciously, that it would hurt him.
Plus, she looks miserable and confused; there’s nothing of the happiness that should show on her face, given that she’s about to have a nice date with her new love interest. Her body language when she walks away speaks volumes, too. When she leaves, she moves in a way that makes her face him from head down to his feet; a way to slowly “wean” herself of his presence by letting her body “look” at him from the most important part (the head/face) to the least important part (his feet).
And then there is her “maybe I should go back and…” movement. Look at how she, when walking away from him, turns her head to the side (yeah, there could as well be a colleague to her right whose movement she reacts to, but bear with me here). If she let her body follow the movement, she’d face him again – the important part of him, meaning his head/face, right away, without any chance to back off/give it a second thought because she started at his feet (like she does the reversed movement before when she turns away from him).
I’m sure she knows she wouldn’t be able to let go then because she’s slowly realizing that there’s much more to their relationship than just friendship. She’s doubting herself when she leaves, her expression clearly speaks of insecurity regarding her decision. She’s wondering whether she’s doing the right thing, and some part of her already knows that the answer is no.
We don’t need to talk about Jane here – he appears resignated, sad; he’s accepted that he may just have lost her. It’s heartbreaking to watch; he knows and we know that if he wanted to, he could have her, woo her away from Marcus, but he doesn’t do it. I believe that he truly wants her to be happy, even if it breaks him because it means that he’ll lose her and with her probably his last chance of happiness, since she might be the only woman he could, after everything that has happened, truly be with, who he trusts enough and knows enough, and more importantly, who knows him and might just be able to love him despite (or because of?) all his baggage.
All right. I shut up now.
But remember: Believe in Jisbon, They wouldn’t show and give us what they do if our ship wasn’t endgame.

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