This is the first part; I might do a longer review later on.
I won’t even try anymore, because they aren’t either. Seriously, you can analyze the scenes, but then what? The result will always be the same. They couldn’t be more obvious even if they wanted to, because there is no “more obvious”. You can’t get more of something that is already at its highest point/grade.
So Lisbon now outright ASKS Jane if he is UPSET that she’s thinking about moving to DC with Pike?! I repeat – she ASKS HIM IF HE IS UPSET.
At this point I’m simply gonna assume the only reason they phrased it this way and not “Come on, Jane, tell me you want me to stay because you need me and want to be with me and love me, because certainly I do all of that and more and I really wanna stay here but I need to know you’re in for it and will be there for me so we can be together forever.” is that they didn’t have the time. There are only 42-43 minutes in one ep, after all.
Anyways, even with it being so obvious, I still see progress, and if only because it is becoming more, well, obvious with every week. This week’s episode confirmed that all Lisbon wants and needs is to HEAR Jane say it. Hear him say it: Stay. And she is now at a point where she is desperate enough, desperate for his love and his honesty about his feelings that she practically asks him outright. I wouldn’t even be surprised if at some point she asks whether he loves her and wants her to stay.
The thing is, she can’t make that decision on a whim. She knows it will have to be him to admit it, to say yes. He is the one will all the baggage, the one who led the single life, committed solely to avenging his family, for more than ten years, and she knows him better than anyone. She knows that as long as he doesn’t give the sign that he is ready she’s gonna wait in vain because she probably doesn’t want to push him. As long as he doesn’t agree, decide that he is ready to start a new life, with her, they’re going to continue like this, dancing around each other, and she can’t do it anymore. I can understand that she wants to settle down, maybe have a family (kill me for that comment if you want, but – she is not getting any younger), just… arrive. And I think by now it is very clear that she’s ready to, that she wants to have that with Jane, if he does to.
Now it’s for us to hope that they’re really gonna go through it (even though I feel a bit sorry for Pike; he seems like a nice enough guy, even if he’s getting on my nerves a bit).

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