There is so much that can be said about last night’s episode, and I will have to find the words for my review which I fear will turn out to be quite long (le sigh), but there is something I really need to point out:
The ingeniousness of Bruno Heller and his team.
Yeah, okay, no surprise there, but bear with me. For one, I never doubted that Bruno would do the right thing. He is one of the very few showrunners who have never disappointed me, who I had always faith in. There may have been a few things I didn’t like that much, but in general, in my opinion, he has done everything right. For one, the timing was perfect. Not too late, not too soon. Absolutely fitting these two characters. I wouldn’t have believed it had Jane and Lisbon confessed their feelings in the last season finale, before RJ was dead. I wouldn’t have believed it either if nothing had happened in this season finale. Of course had the team plan with the show possibly ending after this season, but still – I’ve seen shows where they had two possible endings, and after being renewed gave the audience the one that didn’t resolve the ship issue, just so they would keep the tension. They didn’t do that here. And God, you have no idea how much I’m looking forward to season 7.
What I wanted to talk about though is the perfection that are the last five or so minutes.
They could have dived headfirst into cliches. The whole situation with the airplane screamed for, oh no, they’re totally going to fall into cliched situations now.
They didn’t.
Think about it. A plane. The woman in question on the plane. The man in question trying to reach the plane and the woman in time to confess his feelings and stop her from leaving. This is Romance Movie Plot 101. I was about to cringe, really. I expected a lot to happen, a lot that we all know too well from mentioned romance movies/romantic dramas. I can’t express how happy I am my expectations weren’t met.
Jane didn’t get through security just like that. They could have found a way, the classic, oh, the guy is so on love, let him through. Or another passenger gives him a ticket or who knows whatever. None of that. He had to turn around.
The plane didn’t take off with Lisbon (presumably) inside, only to then be not on it at all. We didn’t see Jane reach the airport just in time to watch the plane take off, and we didn’t see him remain sad only to have Lisbon suddenly walk up to him because she couldn’t leave, yadda, yadda. Same point, Lisbon didn’t get off the plane just as Jane tried to get in, or waited outside.
Jane was allowed to enter the plane. There was no tearful communication with Lisbon through the door/window before he had to let her go after all because they couldn’t possible let her out or him in anymore.
Lisbon didn’t jump up and into Jane’s arms after his confession, nor did she help him when he was arrested. She just remained seated, she didn’t make a rash decision as she had before with Pike and the wedding – because, as I believe, while she loved the idea of Pike, of finally having someone, she didn’t love Pike. But surely, as we know (and knew before ;)) she loves Jane and this is about her true feelings being affected, about her heart she risks, no matter what decision she makes, so she took her time.
Of course in the end Lisbon had to get off the plane and follow Jane, but we didn’t see that, and I think that was very good. They could have easily made that scene where she suddenly jumps up and runs to leave the plane after all OOC; instead they left it to the viewers imagination how she did it. And in the end, all that counts is that she stayed, isn’t it?
For using a romance trope like this, they stayed clear of everything that would have made the whole thing too cheesy, or OOC, and I’m amazed at how they managed that. Certainly there are enough shows out there that couldn’t have done it (as much as I enjoy those shows).
In addition, Jane’s love confession was so wonderfully done, and Simon and Robin played it brilliantly, all with tear-choked voices, Jane’s relief at having finally said it, and his plea to the general public that they should take care of her.
In conclusion I couldn’t be any happier with this season finale. And Bruno and his team are lucky they are this far away from me, or else I’d find them and hug them to death 😉

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