There are a few Jisbon things I want to see, and if you ask me, they are not even unrealistic. Plus, I think we totally deserve it… as do Jane and Lisbon.

  • Solving Crimes Together. Because come on, that’s why they do, what they always have done. I don’t want that to change, and it should include all the eye-rolling and angry glares, and all the innocent smiles and witty remarks we had until now. Of course it should also include the trust they’ve shared lately, and the loyalty we’ve seen, the faith especially Lisbon has/had in Jane.
  • First Name Basis. I want them to call each other Patrick and Teresa, all the time. No last name anymore. Unless maybe for a reproachful “JANE!” from Lisbon *g*
    As reaction to my earlier post on Tumblr about this particular topic, some people replied that at work they will and should continue using each other’s last names, what with professionalism and all. I disagree, for two reasons. One, especially in the FBI era of the show we have more than once heard the characters use each other’s first name every now and then. And I don’t see Jane care if Lisbon tells him to use her last name. He IS Patrick Jane, after all. And two, it will give nothing away. Everyone who matters will know what’s up – after all, Lisbon didn’t go to DC, Pike won’t show up anymore, and they all suspected anyways that something was going on between Jane and Lisbon. I’d rather expect the others to frown upon those two continuing to use last names.
  • Casual Domesticity. Show them at their home (because we know they will move in together), comfortable in routines as if they’ve been doing this for years. Making breakfast in the morning, cooking together, relaxing in the garden/on the terrace/balcony/whatever, hell, even cleaning the apartment. And of course I want them to bicker like the old married couple, because they are so good and so cute at it. All this spiced with the occasional smile or quick kiss, and it’s perfect.
  • Gentle, Harmless Love. Really, I don’t need them rolling around in bed, I don’t need to see them making out passionately. For some reason, as far as I am concerned, that wouldn’t be them, at least not onscreen. Theirs is a very gentle, very sweet, very “grown-up” love, 10+ years in the making (remember, they met before the show started). I don’t say they can’t/won’t have passion – I very much hope they do – but I’m completely fine with it happening behind closed doors. I would take one scene similar to the first RigsPelt in bed scene though, holding each other in their sleep.
  • A Wedding. Yes, I want a wedding, and after the whole proposal thing with Pike I can imagine that, because the wedding topic in regards to Lisbon (and therefore also Jane) has now been addressed. I want Jane to take off his wedding ring so he can replace it with a new one, because this is a new part of his life. I want them both agreeing that he should still keep the ring, because he, neither of them, will ever forget.
    I want a small, intimate wedding, perhaps at a beach, with only the closest friends – the Rigsbys, Cho, Fisher and Abbott (because they totally are shippers), maybe even Wylie. Also Minelli and Hightower, if possible.
  • The Sunset. I know it’s totally cheesy, but I have that picture in my mind of what I’d like to happen in the very last episode. It’s Jane and Lisbon standing at the ocean, arm in arm or holding hands, looking at the sunset. Then they turn their heads, smile at each other. Fade to black. And the episode and thus also the show ends.

Side note: I don’t know if I want them to throw a child into the mix; in my opinion that could be a bit too much. Or maybe they show Lisbon pregnant in that last scene; I don’t know. I’m sure that Bruno and his team could pull it off without it being too much and too kitschy, though I’m generally not a fan of the whole kid thing and imo it can also be left to the viewer’s imagination.

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