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Sherlock SPOILER for His Last Vow under the cut.

Calling it now. One of the four Ms is going to die.

  • Molly
  • Mary
  • Mrs. Hudson (whose first name is Martha, by the way)
  • Mycroft

We know someone is going to die. That’s a fact. So here are my predictions.
Mary is a bit too obvious in my opinion; everyone is expecting it now. Sure, Mofftiss & Co couldn’t know that we’d all go for Mary as the one who won’t survive, but then I guess they could. Mary dies in ACD canon, so it would make sense. On the other hand has she only had three episodes while being very important, so… maybe they keep her after all. There are more stories to tell, and the conflict between John and Sherlock would be increased if she stayed. If anything, she’ll lose the baby.
Mrs. Hudson would look like a, we need to get rid of something, scenario. Although, after hearing her story in TSoT, and seeing what she’s done so far (i.e. the phone down the cleavage trick in ASiB), she could display her badass qualities and then die… bit like Frigga in Thor 2.
Mycroft I think is rather unlikely; Mycroft is just now starting to become more important, in a sense that he has a lot more interaction with Sherlock, but I don’t think we’re yet at a point where it would be real blow especially to Sherlock if his brother dies. Of course it would be terrible, but before something like that happens, I kind of see them get closer first. Apart from that I would absolutely hate to see Mycroft go now, when his relationship and interaction with Sherlock is getting more and more interesting.
That leaves Molly. And yes, there is a reason I put her last here, because she is the one I can actually see being killed off, as much as I hate it. Molly has had her time. Sherlock has told her how important she is to him, that it was she who made it all possible – his fakes death, that he could save John and the others and go into hiding. They were shown, especially in TSoT, to now being on a level of friendship.
I don’t mind the Sherlolly ship, I think it’s cute, but after the last (two) episode(s), and despite Molly’s still apparent pining, she is more of a big sister or mother figure than anything else. Her concern and care for Sherlock is a lot different from the schoolgirl crush we saw the past two seasons. Yes, she might not be over Sherlock, but I think deep inside she knows that she has to close that chapter. Longing looks and Sherlock look-a-like boyfriend notwithstanding, she rationally has accepted that she’ll never have Sherlock.
But it is her care and concern that worry me, because her still-strong feelings could be a good reason for her to sacrifice herself for him, should the need arise. And maybe CAM won’t be so oblivious as Moriarty was and knows that Molly does matter.

Those who have seen the episode already – I hear you laughing. Yes, I’m probably completely wrong. You’re free to correct me.

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