Originally I wanted to rant and be angry. But the truth is, I’m just tired.

I know many won’t be happy with what I’m about to say, but I need to get this off my chest.

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I am sick and tired of this fandom. Of this Supernatural “family” that really doesn’t deserve the name right now, or at least some people in it don’t.

I said there was no conspiracy. I was wrong. You are right, there is a conspiracy. A conspiracy to disrupt and destroy this fandom. And it comes from within. 

The way this show, those who made it, and especially Misha are treated with disrespect, how they are insulted and their opinion is invalidated, it makes me sick. Misha feels bad now and for what? He’s an actor, for God’s sake! An actor who played character on a TV show!!! To allege that Misha only said the things he has said in these past days because the CW made him is beyond ridiculous. Just because you don’t want to hear it, just because it doesn’t fit your little world, it’s not wrong or a lie. 

I always knew this fandom was more on the crazy side and so far I was okay with it; but so far it was also something easy to ignore, for me and for those involved in making the show. 

But not anymore. Now there is a batshit crazy mob of people who behave like spoiled brats who didn’t get what they wanted and now stomp their feet in hopes of causing an entirely unnecessary and dangerous earthquake. People who come up with theories and interpretations that are so far off that I wonder if they are still in their right mind. I suppose they aren’t.

Supernatural is a TV show. It’s a program made for commercial reasons. Plain and simple. It is NOT your personal therapy session. If you have problems, go get professional help. But don’t take it out on the show, ANY TV SHOW, the network, its creators, or anyone else involved with it. 

Sorry that I have to be so blunt about it, but that’t the reality of the situation. 

I have been a fangirl for more than twenty years and yes, when I was bullied back in school, when I was losing hope that anyone could ever like or befriend me, my salvation were TV shows. The crew of the Voyager (Star Trek) became my friends, my family, and so did some others. They helped me through it. But never once would I have considered forgetting that at the end of the day, this is only a television program. I’m sorry that some people apparently are so lost in their headspace that they have no connection to reality anymore whatsoever. 

Do you know how often my ships didn’t become canon? Ships that were teased and hinted at and sometimes were so obvious that even people who aren’t shippers, but random viewers, picked up on it? Well, news flash, this is what happens. This is what happens on genre shows that are not about love and romance. Yeah, it sucks, because we all need a little love and we hope to see it for our favorite characters too, but much too often it doesn’t happen.

If you think Destiel not being realized on screen is queerbaiting, well, then I got news for you. It happens all the time. Literally. And I’m talking heterosexual couples. Who don’t even get as far as an “I love you”. What do you say about them? It’s okay, it’s normal? If you want every story and every love recognized in the same way, well, then it is exactly what you got. 

If you take offense in Destiel not being endgame, of them not driving into the sunset together, then maybe you have been watching the wrong show. Supernatural has NEVER been a happy show. It’s a mystery drama. Yes, we had loads of funny, even cute and romantic scenes, but that doesn’t change the premise of the show. And no, 15 years don’t change it either. 

For years, if not decades, many showrunners have avoided ships, or at least the realization of them, because of that Moonlighting Curse they still fear, even after so many years. I wrote my Bachelor thesis on shipping – trust me, I know. Is it stupid? Maybe it is. But it’s a fact that is out there and we won’t change.

So accept. Watch a TV show, and accept that whatever they do is their choice, and their choice alone. If you don’t like it — well, shut up, stop watching, leave it behind you. Otherwise, make your peace with it. There’s literally nothing else you can do, as long as you don’t become a network boss or a showrunner yourself and somehow, somehow manage to change the world.

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