Yesterday evening I kinda stumble over THE MENTALIST on Amazon Prime. For some time now I am trying to rewatch the show, but something always gets in between me and one of my greatest TV loves.

Anyways. So there is TM on Amazon Prime, however in the wrong language (mine, to be precise, but I only watch it in English, because the dubbing is horrible). So I only checked when they changed from “Sie” to “Du” (formal to informal addressing in German) and jumped to the very last episode, and there the last five minutes or so. I nailed it and got in the moment Lisbon walks to Jane in her wedding dress the first time.

And here’s a funny thing that happened. I heard them talk to each other, how they already sort of made their vows… and cried. I suddenly couldn’t help but crying. I once again I remembered how much adore this show and how they let it and, because it was so perfect.

So afterwards I went through my entries for TM here. And this, on the other hand, made me laugh. Because there is an entry where I wrote down my wish list for season 7 after the S6 finale. When I went through the list, it turned out that everything except one thing has come true.

So yeah, I’m kinda proud XD

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