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It must have been the appeal of a sorta HOUSE M.D. like series, but with mental patients and a much less grumpy lead character that appealed to me when I stumbled over MENTAL.

The show only had 13 episodes and aired as a summer series in 2009. It followed Dr. Jack Gallagher, a psychiatrist with just arrives at a hospital and his new job. His methods are rather unusual – most notably did he completely undress in the pilot episode to show a patient who was just about to run amok because of his hallucinations that he is no danger, but the same as the patient.

I liked the idea of a doctor for mental patients using unorthodox methods; it was refreshing, because he tried to understand them, instead of just working through the psych text book. He had heart and was really invested in his job.

The show the ends on a rather mean cliffhanger that shows Jack seemingly about to become a mental patient himself. He is shown throughout the whole series to have issues bordering on schizophrenia; probably what makes him so good at his job.

I think this show had a lot of potential, though it was still in the progress of finding its footing. I suppose that wasn’t enough for the network bosses; apparently the ratings were low and thus far from being a reason to continue.


Musical and TV show in one – can there anything better for me who loves both so much.

Well. When I first saw the trailer for GALAVANT I knew I had to watch this show, and I couldn’t wait. I think there still were a couple of months or so to go, and I spent it watching the trailer over and over again. Also, it had Tim Omundson, who I have known for ages from different TV shows and who is an amazing singer. In addition to that, the music was written by Alan Menken – and we all know what legend he is.

In the end, GALAVANT only consisted of two seasons and 18 episodes in total, a summer series that ran in 2015 and 2016.

I need to be totally honest here – to my mind, the trailer promised a lot more than the show gave. I think that came from the fact that the speed, the dynamic of the trailer together with the music was missing somehow. Sure, they still had the songs and all, but there were fewer audio double takes (as seen in the trailer – the music builds up and suddenly stops because something just isn’t right in the pretended perfect picture that is painted), which took away some of the comedy, if you ask me.

Still, the music was great and I think that alone would have justified another season. And maybe it would have been good for the story as well, because there certainly still was enough to tell.

The show ends on a sort-of cliffhanger, even though it is obvious that they were taking into consideration that they wouldn’t be renewed. Hell, they even sang it. They tried to give closure to all storylines, especially the love stories. What remains unclear in the end is what happens to Sid and Gareth who apparently are about to go on an adventure together. And of course there is Madalena who very much reminds of one certain Evil Queen from OUAT.

Once more I have to praise the incredible voices and singing in this show. It was truly a joy to listen to this; the duets as well as the ensemble songs. Even if it had one or two songs that were a little annoying. And then of course you had all those references to other shows and movies and so on. See “Kiss the Girl” (which was hilarious), or the song Roberta and Richard sang and that totally didn’t sound like “You’re The One That I Want” from GREASE, no, not at all… 😀 Let’s not begin with those stabs at Game Of Thrones and so one. I need to watch this whole thing again with pen&paper at the ready to write all those hints down… maybe I do that one day.


E-RING was a military TV series set mainly in the Pentagon – and there in the outer ring of the building, also called E-ring. It was about a division of the Pentagon that planned and approved actions of the US military. No action can be taken before it’s plan and idea has gone through the offices in that part of the Pentagon.

The show had only one season of 22 episodes and premiered in September 2005.

To be honest, was drew me to this show was one person, namely Benjamin Bratt, who was the lead actor. I knew him from the first MISS UNDERCOVER movie and liked him, so it was nice to see him again, and in a TV show, which I prefer to movies.

Of all the shows that were cancelled early this is probably the one that hurts the least, but still, the cliffhanger with JT imprisoned was very much the text book example of why cancellations are so cruel (well, at least it’s one of the reasons).

Added to that it had a very sweet love story building up that was even consummated in the last episode, which makes the cliffhanger even worse because not only is JT imprisoned, it also remains unclear what this means for the relationship – and if there will be consequences for Sonny/Sam (I like Sam better… for reasons ;)).

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