Are we gonna talk about this? Are we gonna talk about how obvious they can yet become? Because there is Ship Tease, and then there is NCIS.

I haven’t seen any episodes of the recent season of NCIS; I do make a habit of a quick scroll-through (if you like) to see if there is anything to talk about though. Anything really important.

And I mean, of course, shipper-important.

So when they announced that in this week’s episode Jack would get a mysterious Valentine’s gift, I’m sure I’m not the only one who hoped. Hoped for these two idiot, namely Jack and Gibbs, to finally get it together. Or them, for that matter.

We may not have been served – and yet, if you ask me, we absolutely were. For one, there is the ongoing fact of those Shippers On Deck in form of the team. I’m not sure if it is hilarious or annoying, from a shipper POV. Because they outright say that those two have a “thing” going on, they all can see it and they call them, or at least Jack, out on it. If you ask me, when show does something like this, it’s not plain old UST and stuff anymore, but something that is supposed to be endgame (that being said, now I have just think about Destiel and all the teasing…). What other reason should there be for it, after all?

Add to that the fact that we have a Valentine’s episode, we have Gibbs kissing Jack on the cheek for a piece of chocolate (so unnecessary, therefore important) and we have Jack actually talking to Gibbs about her gifts and that she thinks they are from him, and you have Teasing Extraordinaire.

That scene alone, that short moment when they talk, that cute awkwardness… it’s bound to be the launcher of a thousand fics.

Jack: I…ah… just wanted to thank you. You know, for the chocolates and flowers, those were really… sweet.

Gibbs: Jack, I didn’t even know it was Valentine’s Day.

Jack: Really? The whole office thinks it’s you.

Gibbs: I wish I had thought about it.

Such a short exchange and there is so much… I don’t even know where to start.

I mean, is he letting her down gently or does he actually regret he didn’t think about it? Is she just trying to save face or is it really mostly about what the others said for her, that she just wants to know?

Now, the latter we can scratch; we know already, and since last season’s finale, that she has feelings for him.

And he? I take a leap here and say, he does wish he had thought about it and given her something. As a gesture and maybe as an expression of feelings he harbors, but it not yet ready to act on. He could simply have said the gifts weren’t from him, but no, he declared he had no idea it was V-Day.

If you ask me, there is still something to come, there has to, or otherwise it would be one of the biggest wastes of storyline ever…

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