I was going through my old posts because I am trying to compile a list of when I started to watch all the shows I have ever watched, which really is no small project.

Anyways, while doing that I came across this post and it says the following (this was concerning Sebastian Roché):

And found con videos, as he has obviously also played in SUPERNATURAL and THE VAMPIRE DIARIES – two shows I don’t watch and won’t start to watch (at least not the latter… the first maybe, one day, when I’m REALLY bored).

I laughed. Really, really loud. Isn’t it funny how times change? I knew that at least TVD I had once said I never want to watch. I didn’t know I hadn’t written that down also.

Now, this entry is from July 2012. Not even two years later I did start to watch SUPERNATURAL. I don’t know if I ever wrote something about this here, but the reason was, well… Tumblr. And SHERLOCK. In 2013 I bought a DVD box with the two first seasons of SHERLOCK. I had heard a lot about it and when we were in Ireland and I saw that box, I though, why not give it a try. It took another couple of months before I actually watched it, and got pulled into this fandom hopelessly.

Due to SHERLOCK, I somehow landed on that social media page Tumblr. And when you are on Tumblr, a TV show fan *and* watching one of the three Holy TV Trinity shows, you will take notice of the others. In my case, I knew two of the three – namely DOCTOR WHO and now SHERLOCK – but there was a third, SUPERNATURAL, very present, very popular also, it seemed. And curiosity got the better of me.

A few months after and thanks to a Amazon Prime test month in March 2014 I thought, well, let’s give it a shot.

To be entirely honest, I of course had noticed that there was an apparently very popular ship on that show called Destiel, and since I was already open to the idea of a slash ship thanks to SHERLOCK (I had never really been before, but that’s a longer story for itself), I thought, well, I will watch SUPERNATURAL when these two become canon.

Needless to say, I did not wait.

Regarding SUPERNATURAL, the rest is history, as they say, and it can be seen in this blog how great the impact actually was.

And then we have that other show I never wanted to watch – THE VAMPIRE DIARIES. I have said something about that in this post as well, and I am not above admitting that I was wrong.

Still, as it is now, I don’t see right now that I will find another one of this kind of love again. All those shows I enjoyed immensely in the past, and still enjoy, are not newer ones; except maybe SALVATION. Other than that, it feels like they don’t make that kind of TV anymore. The one that really catched you, pulls you in, and doesn’t let you go. Right now, I rather rewatch the old ones, even BONES and the likes, before I start something new, because nothing really appeals.

Looking at SUPERNATURAL, the boys will star in THE BOYS and WALKER, TEXAS RANGER respectively, but neither is something I feel tempted to watch. It is actually quite sad.

On the other hand it gives you the oppertunity to rewatch old favorites. And whyever not – because these are the show that have given you a home for so many years. I certainly know what they have given ME. And I think they deserve it to be repeatedly appreciated.

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