As announced in the earlier post, I will now start my S1 rewatch of OUAT and comment on some things I notice there.

Here are episodes 1&2.

Episode 1 – Pilot

  • “Just because you believe something doesn’t make it true.” — is what Emma says to Henry on their trip to Storybrooke. Funny, because it’s exactly what she also says to Hook three seasons later when he finds her in NYC and she has no memories of anything that has happened.
  • Right after the accident when Emma tries to leave SB after returning Henry, we see the storybook open and pages being moved by the wind. Two pictures are seen shortly before the pages are moved: One is that of flying monkeys, the other is the caterpillar from Alice. Both storylines that are yet to come. Foreshadowing at its finest, I would say. Especially since Adam&Eddy only include that (much) later on and couldn’t even have known if the show survives that long. Furthermore, it means that those two had a lot of plans in advance. So they put that much work into something they had no idea would survive past the first season.
  • Same goes for the Dalmatian – Cruella de Vil shows up much later in the show, yet we have, of all possible races, this dog. Of course could it only have been convenient. If they have to choose one dog race, they pick that one that also has a notable role in a fairytale/story.
  • It is said the wardrobe only takes one – so when Emma is born, she has to be put into it alone, but when Snow was still pregnant with her, she would have been able to go? Doesn’t make much sense, since a baby that is almost due is a human being itself, so it doesn’t make much difference if she is still in the womb or not. Unless, of course, magic is *that* nitpicky.
  • Once again I wonder why they didn’t choose a kid that was able to speak properly, because listening to Jared Gilmore is really exhausting. Like, kid, you are allowed to part your bloody teeth when you speak…
  • Snow trying TLK on Charming when she finds him, presumably dead, on the floor. And it doesn’t work. So TLK is useless when it’s just plain old death.
  • Regina tells Snow they are going somewhere horrible – a place where the only happy ending will be hers. Huh. Worked out well, now, did it.
  • Love how you see that the view from Henry’s room (the town and especially the clock tower) is drawn.

Episode 2 – The Thing You Love Most

  • For someone who is so… dominant and barks and bites at everyone, the EQ is surprisingly… not… barky and bitey when the Mirror addresses her after she returns from the Charming wedding where she made her threat. Very few people who can allow themselves to talk to her like that, it seems. Well, people and mirrors. ^^
  • By the way, this is something that confused me immensely when I first watched the show – the jumps between times and places and realities. In Ep 1 we see FTL pre-Curse when Emma isn’t yet born. But then we also see Henry finding his mother Emma who is grown up and living in Boston. And then we have all the FTL characters in Storybrooke, which is also post-Curse. Now we have the same scene we already saw in Ep 1, but it is continued to show what happened afterwards, yet still again pre-Curse. If I didn’t know the show already, and hadn’t seen those first eps several times, I’d be confused yet again…
  • Maleficient being brought in seems a little useless. Could have been anyone else, and yet they chose a villain that fulfils no other purpose, at this point at least. Like a loose thread hanging around.
  • We will learn later on that there is history between Regina and Rumple. And yet she doesn’t realize when the Dark One tells her that he wants her to heed his every wish as long as he says please when they are in this new land that he will get what he wants? I mean, there is magic involved. She should know better.
  • You know, that whole cinnamon thing is kinda bothering me. Has anyone ever gotten into it? Snow, Emma and Henry all love it without having it learned from another, and even though it seems to be a rather unusual thing. Is there some meaning behind cinnamon? I guess I have to look it up.
  • Rewatching this show reminds me once again how and why I fell in love with Robert Carlyle. He is so charismatic, such a perfect actor. It’s like he’s in an entirely other league. Not many on that show can keep up with him.

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