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A good while back this used to be a homepage for musical fans and friends. As someone who loves musicals a lot and has seen quite a number of them (many several times), I decided to share my experiences in form of pictures and reports. Especially the picture section with hundreds of photos from curtain calls after the show and from the stage door proved to be very popular.

Unfortunately, some people seem to be unable to understand what copyright or the note that I don't want to be asked for full size versions because I won't share them (also for copyright reasons after bad experiences) means. Thus I decided to take the page down.

Today this URL mainly serves to give an overview over all my pages, either owned and administrated by me, or those I'm a part of.

Also, I've decided to offer help with creating websites for those who are interested. I started out with no knowledge at all once, and I still cringe when I look at my very first website. I want to give 'newbies' the chance to get a nice website with a 'clean' HTML source text - or a Wordpress blog with an individual design. All you need to know is basic HTML (because I can't take care of the pages as I simply don't have the time). And as a precondition I'll ask you to include a link back to me on the site.

My contact mail address can be found at the end of this site.


~ CreativeK ~


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